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It's time to focus on you

Physiotherapy is a direct-access service with no doctor referral required!

How does physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists are university trained health care professionals that focus on the art and science of movement. From sports injuries to chronic health conditions, post-operative surgery recovery to breast cancer rehab, physiotherapy can assist you in achieving your goals and improving your quality of life.

To learn more about the specific services offered at Rivercrest click here.

Where is Rivercrest Physiotherapy located?

We are currently located in downtown Kamloops at 260-546 St. Paul Street. We are housed within the Kamloops Massage Matters clinic alongside a wonderful team of registered massage therapists and physiotherapists. If you choose to book online you will be redirected to the booking site for Kamloops Massage Matters. You can also call us directly, or email us through the contact us page. 

New program for breast cancer survivors in Kamloops!

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Physiotherapy Rates

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

    60 Minutes  $135.00


30 Minutes     $80.00

 45 Minutes   $105.00

60 Minutes   $125.00

Lymphedema Initial Assessment

60 Minutes   $135.00

Lymphedema Intensive Phase:

60 Minutes   $125.00

90 Minutes   $150.00

120 Minutes   $175.00

Lymphedema Maintenance Phase:

30 Minutes     $80.00

45 Minutes   $105.00

60 Minutes   $125.00

Please note all appointments are billed directly to the patient. You will need to pay the full fee at the time of the appointment and submit to your extended health provider for reimbursement.

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